New DotA Heroes for 6.78 leaked?

Warcraft 3 DotA is still alive and well, even with the world picking up Dota 2 so quickly. But Icefrog, the mastermind behind Defense of the Ancients, is still working tirelessly to keep the original game new and fresh for people that haven’t yet made the switch.  Siraraz, a poster on the PlayDota forums, has discovered evidence in the 6.77b version of the WC3 DotA map that reveals six new heroes to be added to the pool, complete with skillsets. This isn’t confirmed, just speculation; but as an avid Dota 2 player myself, I’m excited to see if Icefrog has really kept improving and adding to the game that started it all. With any luck, we’ll be seeing these heroes make their debut in the next version of DotA, 6.78. They probably won’t make their transition to the sequel until all the older heroes have been ported over, but it’s always nice to get new variation in a game that evolves and changes as often as this one. I hope they have better names when they’re released, though.


1. Mortar Team (Main Attribute: Strength)

Concussive Shot: The skill info lists it as a silence AND a slow; this sounds like it should be a good counter to heroes like Windrunner, whose low cooldowns and elusive playstyle are the bane of those laning against hre.

Bomb Bomb: The information on this skill is incomplete.

Flash Bomb: This skill causes an 80% miss rate, similar to Brewmaster’s Drunken Haze skill; should be fantastic against right-clickers like Sniper and Luna.

ULTIMATE – Siege Form: This skill allows you to switch between two forms: the default hero form and a “siege” form. When in siege form, the hero’s movespeed is reduced to 100 but increases its attack damage by 150 and its attack range by 1500 (at level 3). All attacks while in siege form hit in an AoE, as opposed to a single target. With a 4-second cooldown on the toggle, this should prove to be a great push/anti-push skill.


2. Wyvern Outrider (Main Attribute: Agility)

Sonic Boom: Similar to Barathrum’s Charge skill, Wyvern Outrider will charge toward a target point (as opposed to a target) and stun/damage the first enemy unit it comes in contact with. It also seems to be blocked by trees. This should make for a good initiation/ganking skill, but the trees limitation may prove to be an unnecessary hindrance.

Wind Blast: This skill will deal damage relative to Wyvern’s Agility, but in a small AOE. Sounds like a melee Obsidian Destroyer skill.

Wind Barrier: Wind Barrier seems to create some sort of cross between Omniknight’s Repel (anti-magic spell) and Dark Seer’s Surge (increased movespeed). Sounds like a great escape ability.

ULTIMATE – Prevailing Winds: Casts Cyclone on every unit in the area, save buildings. After the Cyclone ends, enemy units are slowed and friendly units gain movespeed. This sounds like an initiator/ganker skill to me, and I’m excited to see it in action.


3. Dragonhawk (Main Attribute: Intelligence)

Conjure Force: This deals damage and ensnares units in a 600 AoE radius for 4 seconds. It sounds to me like a cross betwen Puck’s Dream Coil and Waning Rift.

Arcane Seal: Arcane Seal silences a unit and amplifies any damage it takes. Sounds like Skywrath Mage’s skill Ancient Seal. Even the name is similar.

Thrust: Pushing yourself/allies away and healing them seems to be the point of this skill. Sounds like an awesome escape mechanism.

ULTIMATE – Divine Wrath: Divine Wrath is a channel spell; you begin channeling after targeting an ally, who then takes no damage for the duration of your channeling. At the end of the channel, you gain a sub-ability, listed below.

ULTIMATE SUBSKILL – Target Divine Wrath: The ultimate’s sub-ability will launch a projectile in a vector direction, and will deal damage proportional to the amount blocked during the channeling. Sounds like it could be easily abused, but that’s what different versions are for: balancing.


4. Edgewalker (Main Attribute: Intelligence)

Death Watch: Death Watch targets a friendly unit and places a 10 second buff on them. If they are killed during this duration, the unit that killed them is damaged and stunned.

Reality Shift:  This looks to be a ward skill, and the ward causes nearby enemy units to become “ethereal”. Not sure how you would use this.

Fatal Attraction: When Edgewalker casts a skill, enemy units in an AoE around the hero are pulled a fixed distance towards him. This sounds terribly annoying, to be honest.

ULTIMATE – Haunting Echoes: At specific intervals, a “wisp” will passively spawn near Edgewalker – up to a maximum of 3 wisps at a time. When casting the skill, a wisp is destroyed and a silence debuff is applied to a small AoE, as well as damaging enemy units in the area.


5. Ghost Revenant (Main Attribute: Intelligence)

Wraith:  DotA’s “ethereal” state is applied, which means the hero can neither attack nor be attacked. This time you also get bonus movespeed; at max level, the skill duration is equivalent to the cooldown, meaning you can theoretically be perma-ethereal. Fitting, for a “ghost”.

Blackjack: This skill shoots 3 projectiles that move at 800units/second, stunning and dealing damage to units caught in its line of travel.

Miasma: This sounds like a Dust of Appearance + damage: it dishes out damage in an AOE and reveals invisible units, while also applying set amount of damage over time.

ULTIMATE – Exhaustion: This is a global slow. It reduces enemy movespeed to 100. Should be interesting in global strats.


6. Priest (Main Attribute: Intelligence)

Holy Shackles: Similar to Dazzle’s shadow wave, this skill seems to damage enemy units in a chain. Maybe it heals friendly units in an AoE? As a big Dazzle player, it would be pretty awesome to see an opposite version of him.

Chill: This applies the Silence status effect and deals damage to a target enemy unit.

Focus: This increases an allied unit’s damage output by 100(!) for X number of attacks, but lowers their movement speed as a result.

ULTIMATE – Divine Intervention: Gives invulnerability to a target unit.

I mostly fill the support role, and this hero has that ability in spades. I’m PUMPED to see if this release pushes through.


(credit to for the screenshots)

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